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Kosice, located in the east of Slovakia, is the second largest city in Slovakia with almost 240,000 inhabitants. The „Hlavna Stanica“ (main street) forms the core of the historical old town. There are various small bars and restaurants in this.  Another highlight of the city is the Elisabeth Cathedral, which forms part of the largest listed urban area in Slovakia.

It also has its own airport, railway station and bus station. 




STUDITRANSFER mediates to the most renowned university of Kosiče, the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University.

Die Universitäten

Die Pavol Jozef Šafárik Universität


Unser Kontakt in Košice

Ihr Ansprechpartner vor Ort


Philipp Weber

+49 7551 301204

Mo – Fr 9:00 Uhr – 18:00 Uhr


Why study in Košice?

Košice may not be familiar to everyone yet, but the nearby town of Hungary is a real insider’s tip. Because Košice is still relatively new for many, a strong cohesion between the students forms here year after year, no matter from which year. One constantly makes new contacts, whether in the university or outside.

The university also offers an excellent education, in which you always have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the professor by working in small groups, and also get in touch with the practical work with patients at an early stage.

Studentlife in Košice

Košice offers everything you expect from a great studentlife. 

In Košice student life takes place in the Old Town, where almost everything can be reached on foot.

Student Activities

Neben dem Studium kann man außerdem hier noch im Studentenrat oder anderen Organisationen beteiligen.

Social Life

Neben einer exzellenten Uni bietet Košice außerdem eine Auswahl an Shoppingmalls, Restaurants, Bars und Kinos.

Wer sich gerne körperlich betätigt findet außerdem eine Kartbahn vor oder kann in den Nahegelegenen Skigebieten Skifahren, Wandern oder Klettern. 

Transport on site

At the beginning all the lines can be a bit confusing, but with our specially made map you can see the most important bus and train lines to the most important locations at a glance.

However, if you don’t have time to wait for the bus or can’t find a suitable connection, Košice has the taxi app „Taxify“ which you can use for 4-7€ to drive once through Košice and even reach the airport. A semester ticket with a valid student ID is also affordable with about 26€.

Parking facilities

If you have your own car, we can give you tips on free parking or help you find a fixed parking space.

Living in Košice

For some, this will certainly be their first search for accommodation and their first home of their own. And that also in a foreign country? But here, too, we are of course there to help them with all their problems. In Košice, life takes place in the centre of the city. There are several apartments here, which are located both near the university and near the clinic. Otherwise, Košice has a well-planned transport network with good local connections to its desired destination. Of course, prices can vary, but our experience shows that the prices for a one-room apartment are about 400-500€, one two flats usually commutes at 300-400€ p.p. and the bigger the flat is the cheaper the prices become.

Sport activities

Košice offers a wide range of sports. From classic club sports such as football or basketball, you can also try something new like rugby or hockey in Košice. There are also football and basketball tournaments organised by PJS students.
We can also recommend beautiful jogging tracks and fitness studios nearby. In addition, at the PJS you have the first four semesters of university sports.

Educational Aid

We equip you with a large number of exclusive learning materials and are always available to answer questions about exams, tests or tips. We also offer additional seminars from the best students on the topics where you need additional support.


Košice offers a large selection of bars and clubs, most of which are located in the city centre and can therefore easily be reached on foot. There are also some celebrations organised by students. Košice is an even smaller university, so it is easy to find your way around and make new contacts very quickly.


Here Košice offers a large selection of restaurants in the city centre, which are only a stone’s throw away from her apartment. From classic Slovak cuisine to Asian or Italian cuisine.

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