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    Since           6 years                           

                           Expenses           Human medicine (from 9.000€/year) 

                                                       Dental medicine (from 10.000€/year)

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Our promise

We promise you full transparency and professionalism.

We realize your dream of studying medicine abroad!

We fulfill the dream of studying medicine

The final grade does not play a role here

We make your dream of studying medicine come true. Apply now for the coming school year to study medicine completely without Numerus Clausus (NC) and with a vocational baccalaureate. Take advantage of our network for the placement of scholarship holders in hospitals, so that you can directly realize your dream of studying.

Our service portfolio

Application to universities in Slovakia is a long and very complicated process and is associated with many fees and waiting times.

We therefore take care of the smooth running of the entire registration process for you. We prepare all necessary translations into Slovak and cover the costs incurred during the entire application process. We also offer a wide range of services:

Place to study

We take over the complete registration process for you on site in Slowakia.

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With our online video course we prepare you ideally for the entrance examination. Students who have already successfully mastered this examination process are available to answer questions about the content and procedure of the test.

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Search for an apartment on the spot

We organize visits with estate agents, advise you and help you find the perfect apartment so that you can quickly feel at home.

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We are your local contact in Slovakia before, during and after your studies and can be contacted by telephone at any time.

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Start your medical studies in 2019!

Summer Semester 2019 Applications

We give you everything you need with studio transfer, so that you can start your medical studies carefree and well prepared! Apply now for the new semester and realize your dream of studying medicine.